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Welcome home to exuberant Zest-for-Life

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Stage relaxation that connects you. Bask in comfort, support, nurturing.

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Tap into primal vitality.  It feeds your body, recharges your spirit.

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Wrap yourself in the embrace of Sanctuary to rediscover peace,
serenity and balance.

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Work in space that inspires, motivates and accelerates success.

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Increase your level of receiving, enjoyment and celebration of all you create...
live and work in a BreakThrough Environment!

  • Design-Build Feng Shui project, Incline Village, NV*
  • Feng Shui Consultant: Adele Trebil, FSI
  • Builder: Jim Burns Construction, LLC
  • Architect: Gary McKelvey
  • Owner: Judith Buckingham
  • Are you nurtured, supported and energized by your living and working areas?
  • Does your workplace enhance your vision, empowerment and the manifestation of your dreams?
  • Is your physical location one that inspires you with creative solutions to life’s challenges?
  • Do your environments dynamically attract what you need to go to your next level?

One way to bridge the gap between how you feel and how you dream of feeling in your personal space is through the use of Feng Shui. The BreakThrough Environment is a unique, branded system of Feng Shui that transforms living and working spaces into “Mega-Success Centers”. The BTE system provides step-by-step guidance for creating awesome personal space that is unique, dazzling and lucrative. It taps primal energy in your surroundings to build attraction for more of what you want, with less effort on your part.

“We fashion wood for a house, but it is the emptiness inside that makes it livable. We work with the substantial but the emptiness is what we use.”

-The Tao Te Ching, John H. McDonald translation

With appropriate Feng Shui adjustments, any room can become an oasis for nurturing you when you’re weary and igniting your dreams into reality. The BTE system will show you how to create sparkling and sumptuous personal space that authentically mirrors you, unleashes meaningful opportunities and evolves your success.

Who is Adele Trebil and What Makes Her Work Unique?
Who is Adele Trebil?

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is based on Chinese Metaphysics, the ancient art and science of adjusting the built environment to expand human potential. It demonstrates how to access the hidden power of the natural world, also present in interior spaces, by creating better utilization of what’s already there!

Feng Shui provides a proven, time-honored process to improve your environment without high-ticket furniture purchases or extensive remodeling. It not only upgrades the success potential of real estate, it also expands opportunity for the occupants. Feng Shui transformations may be applied to residential, retail, hospitality and commercial spaces with equally dramatic results.

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What is Feng Shui?

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I invite you to who are learning how to apply Feng Shui design to achieve BreakThrough success and more fulfilling transformations in their own lives!

Reinvent your environment. It will Reinvent you!

Adele Trebil
Real Estate Success Strategist

*In Nevada design-build, commercial and hospitality projects, that also require Interior Design or architectural changes, are done in collaboration with either a Nevada licensed architect or Nevada Registered Interior Designer.